Boris a Tv3

Presentant en Boris al Divendres de TV3

Pau Garcia Milà i el meu sponsor em van convidar a presentar el meu projecte al programa Divendres com a mostra de proposat innovadora feta desde Catalunya.

Xavi Coral, Pau Garcia Milài la presentadora rossa de la que no recordo el nom van interactuar amb ell i amb en Tronic.


<p><a href=”″>BORISTV3-bo.mp4</a&gt; from <a href=””>Oriol Aubets</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>]

Próxima de Carlos Atanes

ver la peli

Written and directed by Carlos Atanes.

Cast: Oriol Aubets, Anthony Blake, Manuel Masera, Abel Folk, Manuel Solàs, Karen Owens, Joan Frank Caransonnet, Arantxa Peña, Hans Richter.

Music by Xavier Tort and Thee Maldoror Kollective.

A renowned SF writer is at a local convention to talk about his work. As he takes the podium he renounces his work as utter fictional rubbish and declares that he has found a portal to another world, orbiting the star PROXIMA. “Simply listen to my new book-on-CD and be delivered”, he proclaims. Unsurprisingly, this bizarre announcement is not well received by his fans. But Tony, the owner of a specialist DVD and video store is attending the conference, and being an open-minded dreamer buys the disc to try it out. Are the strange visions he starts to experience real? Have a selected group of humans really found a shortcut to the star PROXIMA? Could there really exist a conspiracy on Earth to aid an invasion by an alien fleet? And is the super-strong armour he’s made to wear really “invisible” or is he simply an emperor parading round in new underpants?

A visionary movie. A “dickian” science fiction trip to the stars.

Nominated for Ignotus Award to the 2007 Best Spanish Film (Spanish Science Fiction Association, AEFCFT). Nominated for Icon Award to the Best Feature Film at Tel Aviv International Fantasy Film Festival (Israel, 2007).

“A film this intelligent is rare, and sadlysuch intelligence is even more rare in modern sci-fi films” (Film Fanaddict). “In the vein of Solaris, K-PAX and The Man Who Fell to Earth, PROXIMA is a refreshing film full of wonder” (London Sci Fi Festival). “In the age of loud and bombastic, it is a tremendous breath of fresh air to find an SF movie that dares to be quirky, intelligent and defiantly its own beast. Perhaps the best Phillip K. Dick movie that has nothing to do with PKD, you might get a hint of what it’s like if you think Primer by way of Alejandro Jodorowski, with bursts of Repo Man absurdity, a hint of Tarkovsky’s Stalker, and a truckload of cheap sci fi tropes. If a foreign language art film with secret powers, black clad commandos, weird cults, deprogrammers, tons of nerdy SF geek references and, yes, even spaceships, sounds like your thing, then give PROXIMA a try” (M.T.C.).


  • The first and only movie ever made with a sequence filmed in the Corta Atalaya depth (Rio Tinto, Spain), one of the biggest open cast mines in the world (1,200 m. long, 906 m. wide and 325 m. deep).

  • The character of Felix Cadecq (played by ‘Manuel Solàs’) is a tribute to the real science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, and his lecture at the Sci-Fi Congress is based on the famous lecture K. Dick did in Metz (France), 1977.

  • Alfonso Merelo, who plays the master of ceremonies at the science fiction conference is a science fiction conventions organizer in true life.

  • Komarov, the old Russian astronaut, is based on Vladimir Mikhaylovich Komarov, an Air Soviet Colonel who died inside the capsule Soyuz 1 when it crashed on Earth, due to an error in the parachute opening system.

  • WARP factor is the unity for Curvature Speed used in the Star Trek’s fictional world, where WARP 1 factor equals light speed and 9,975 WARP factor, means 902.519 times light speed. Supposedly, WARP 10 is unattainable, and that’s the main argument between the Sci-Fi lovers at the DVD-Video store sequence.

  • Goknur, the Cappadocian, practices the dervishes’ turning, characteristic in Mevlevis’, or Whirling Turkish Dervishes, who use this physical method in order to get in trance and reach religious ecstasy.

  • Tony’s commentary about the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket, developed by Dr. Franklin Chang-Diaz, refers to the known motor VASIMIR, invented by a homonym American astronaut and which was capable of surpassing current spacecrafts speed.



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Nobody buries their beloved ones any more. The new funeral mode is cremation. Grave diggers now can’t find work, just like this pallbearers who wander through the city with a coffin: although of good humour about the old days, they are preoccupied with their dying art and the dead end which lies before them…

This is way too serious to be sad about it…

Boris the LionBot

My electric circus theatre project.

the lionBot from Oriol Aubets on Vimeo.


I’ve been working some years with the idea of digital theatre and/or electronic circus. Here’s the result.

Soon at Ibiza and Budapest.

Boris have performed at:

STRT FSTVL – , Den Haag, The Netherlands

NEAPOLIS – Catalonia, Spain

MACBA Museum – Barcelona